Easter is not over, April 6, 2015 Daily Reflection

Easter Morning

Easter Morning

Easter is not over on Monday. Easter and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ lasts a lifetime. We are so blessed that God loved us enough to give up his Son so that we may know his love. Jesus Christ helped us to know God the father in a different way. He also taught us forgiveness, through his forgiveness of everyone and every single sin. No sin is too great to be forgiven by the love of God. No time is too late to return the love of God.

I read a Face Book Post yesterday of a Catholic who was complaining and condemning the Christmas/Easter Catholics. He was telling them it was a mortal sin to miss Church weekly. I don’t believe that is what Jesus Christ would do. I believe Jesus Christ would greet them in the Church, give up his seat for them, sit next to them and make them feel welcome. I think Jesus Christ would encourage them to come back again and again through his loving support of their faith instead of through condemnation of their past choices. Jesus Christ said to the sinner, Your sins are forgiven, now go and sin no more. As Christians we are not following Jesus Christ so that we can judge others sinfulness, we are following Jesus Christ to spread his message of love and forgiveness. Our love should be unconditional to all. The love of Easter should teach us this lesson.

Continue to celebrate Easter through your loving actions everyday because Easter is not over!

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