Embrace Differences, June 15, 2016 Daily Reflection

Breakfast Club movieI watched the Breakfast Club with my teenage children last night. It has some bad language, inappropriate situations, and drug use, that being said it has some excellent underlying values. It’s a story all about stereotypes. We use stereotypes daily to our advantage but to the determent of others. The film revolves around five teenagers stuck in detention together on a Saturday. They are the “stereotypical” teens; the brain, jock, basketcase, bad boy, and little Ms. Priss. They all fit the stereotypes on the surface until they get to know one another. Everything changes when they stop labeling each other and start listening to one another.

If we could stop judging each other long enough to listen and get to know others embracing each other’s differences the world would be a different place. It would be more understanding, sympathetic, compassionate, and loving. Let’s try for a day to stop the stereotyping and start loving one another.

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