Emergency Exit, November 17, 2016 Daily Reflection

Emergency Exit

Emergency Exit

Our culture encourages (pushes) us to keep our schedules filled from the time our feet hit the ground to the time our head falls onto the pillow at night. As a mom, I can’t just spend time with my children. I have to make certain they have the best education, classes, extra curricular organizations, sports teams, music classes, and are at the top in every thing they touch. I also need to spend a ton of time (quality time) with my children. As a teacher, I am supposed to have the tests magically graded in one hour after the test is completed, along with a brand new lesson for the next chapter completed and ready to roll out. I am teaching, grading, planning, disciplining, and trying to aid my students in learning life long 21st century skills. As a teacher it is expected that we spend our time off, at home grading and planning. As a wife I should be understanding, kind, selfless, and loving to my husband spending time with just him. As a homeowner, mom, and wife I supposed to keep my house clean, the laundry laundered, the grocery shopping completed, bills paid, dishes cleaned, and food on the table for 3 meals a day. As a child of God I am supposed to be at Church every Sunday, be involved in parish stewardship, committees, service, and the pursuit of life long learning in spirituality. As a sister and a daughter I am expected to spend time with my parents, and siblings on the phone, walking, and having dinners together. As a writer I should write daily, continue to get rejected by writing more book proposals and put my work out there! As a student in a Master’s program I am expected to read everything for the course work, answer all the questions, attend all the classes, and write 2 ten page papers at the end of each 10 week session. Sometimes I want to push that emergency window and jump!

However, I can look at all of that I have just written about in a completely different way and I try to constantly. Every relationship, responsibility, and role I play is an opportunity for growth, service, learning and unconditional love.  I am blessed beyond measure to hit my knees every morning and thank God for giving me the ability to draw another breath, love my children and loved ones another day, be able to write, work in a role that can change lives, send my children to a school I know helps to form their character, and have the faith to trust that God is moving me in the direction of his love and goodness in all that I do.

I can be stressed out by everything or I can embrace my opportunities and blessings! I choose the later and it will make all the difference to me and aid me in never  truly wanting to push that emergency window.

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