Emergency Room, August 12, 2011 Daily Reflection


“Mommy you look so distant. Why do the trees look so big now?” Jake said as he lay on the couch with a soaring temperature of 103, and pink eye. Trying not to panic I told my husband. Of course it always happens when the doctor’s office is closed for the weekend. I got through to a nurse on the phone and after I explained the situation my doctor called me back quickly which is very rare, which scared me even more. He explained that the pink eye could actually be an eye infection and we should get him to Kosair Medical Center as soon as possible. He said “don’t give him too much water or anything to drink, it is rare, but he could have surgery”. I believe it was a completely precautionary statement that made me start to shake. I made arrangements for the other children and my husband and I were off with our littlest to Kosair.

It all started 3 days previous to this evening with vomiting, fever and a bloodshot eye. I took him to the doctor that morning to be told it was pink eye but he also had a virus. I was given an antibiotic eye drop to use for the pink eye. His eye did not improve at all so I called the doctor’s office on the third day to be told unless he spikes a high fever or his eye worsens just ride out the virus. Well, of course it spiked when they were closed.

We went to Kosair in the east end it was beautiful all the employees were helpful, knowledgeable and so kind to us. The doctor thoroughly checked him out he stained his eye and looked at it with an ultraviolet light; he cleansed it with saline and checked his vision. It was pink eye but it was not bacterial that’s why the drops were not helping at all. He said the cause for the vision changes were probably due to mucus on his eyeball, which he cleaned off with the saline. He gave us a prescription for a different eye drop. He was given a treat and the nurses and doctors never rushed us and truly answered all of our questions. We were on our way home within 45 minutes of entering the parking lot.

The eye drops have worked his eye is already starting to look better after one application. His fever is now at bay and he is feeling better now. It’s amazing how frightening a moment can become. In the time that I thought he could have surgery or go blind I was dying inside and now he is just fine. Every time we enter the ER I am always gently reminded how blessed I truly am in my life and how much I need to pray for those who do not receive such good news as we did. I thank God all is well and tonight I will pray for the moms whose fears have become a reality. My heart goes out to each and every one of you.

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