Encouragement, October 9, 2014 Daily Reflection

EncouragementIn our lives we are surrounded by many different types of people. People who are humble, caring and thoughtful as well as those who are egotistical, grouchy and self absorbed. There are many different reasons why people appear to be grouchy or happy. We rarely try to figure them out. Instead we simply think he or she is mean or kind. We need to try to figure out why they are reacting in this manner. Many people who appear to be egotistical are actually very insecure and point out everything good they have accomplished to feel better. Those who are grouchy can be for a number of reasons; lack of sleep, bad relationships, lack of food or a need for compassion.

Typically our first reaction to grouchy, self absorbed people is to distance ourselves from them. However, we should probably be kind to them, have compassion and try to love them through it with encouragement. As a society we are greedy for praise but how often do we shower others with that same praise?

Today, find someone who is not easy to praise and give them some authentic encouragement. It doesn’t have to be a compliment, it can be a pat on the back, a smile or a kind word. Take the time to encourage someone else. That simple gesture could turn not just their day around but their perspective about life.

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