An endearing love, December 5, 2016 Daily Reflection

Father Joseph Fowler

Father Joseph Fowler

His hands held the chalice, and the bread of life. He held them up and said the words of the Eucharistic Liturgy and I wondered how many times have those words escaped his lips. His passion for loving others has lasted a lifetime and it is far from over. His love is endearing and life giving. His hands have blessed children, anointed the ill, prayed with the weary, absolved those sinking in guilt and sin, sealed babies and teens with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, married couples, buried the dead, cared for the widows, and consecrated the Eucharist into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Father Fowler was a witness to our marriage almost twenty years ago. He was my pastor during part of my grade school years and my high school years. He is a good man and a wonderful priest. He doesn’t judge and damn people. He simply loves people. He is real and kind. He and his brother started Hand in Hand Ministries to serve the poorest of the poor. He stands up for the outcast and lives simply. He has been an inspiration to me for years. He is retired now but because he is healthy and God has called him to continue to serve, he has not stopped. I had the pleasure of celebrating Mass on the 2nd Sunday of Advent with Father Fowler and listened intently to his homily. He took the entire old testament and new testament and made sense of the waiting and preparation of Jesus Christ coming into our every day lives. Father Fowler is as real as it gets. He has no drama, no theatrics, no gimmicks, just kindness, and frankness when it is needed, but always love; of God, and of others especially the marginalized. He is humble and unassuming but using his ministry for the good of God and the peace and good will of all. I am blessed to know Father Fowler.

May God continue to enlighten his mind, encourage his ministry, and always give him the tools to love with an endearing love.

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