Energy, August 10 Daily Reflection

Water spilling from the mill

“There it is guys, look can you see the waterfall?” Anna yelled as she ran to the water just passed the historical Squire Boone Mill. We could hear the water crashing to the ground before actually seeing it with our eyes. The rush of the water pounded the puddle 30 feet below with a loud yet calming continuous splash. When water is pushed into one area and then released the force of it is so powerful that it can actually provide enough energy to run a mill, to churn corn into tiny grains of cornmeal.

In our lives when we have a focus and end point that we strive for and we concentrate all of our energy on that goal the sheer force of our drive can complete the task. Our energy when focused is powerful and can be life changing. When was the last time you decided you had a goal and truly set your mind to reaching it? Was it to lose weight, to run a road race for the first time, to run a mile, to volunteer at a soup kitchen, to attend Church regularly, to go back to school, to get a new job, to spend more time with your spouse, your family or your friends?

 So often we go through life mindlessly on autopilot and forget that we can take control of our destiny. God gave us freewill and as people in many parts of this world we have unlimited opportunities and freedom to not only set goals but surpass them with a focused energy that matches the force of that crashing water. We think we don’t have the time but in this life we must make the time to reflect on our lives and prioritize. Do we go to work, come home eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed? Could we wake up early in the morning and go for a run, work out at the gym or take a walk at a park before work? Could we volunteer at a soup kitchen during our lunch or visit a nursing home and talk to the elderly? Could we turn off the TV after dinner and play with our children, go for a bike ride with the family, go on a walk with our spouse or call an old friend? Could we stop just existing and choose to focus our lives and our energy on the real goal -living?

Today consider your daily routine and honestly think about what you could change that would help you to live your life more fully. Where could you refocus your energy for your family, your friends and yourself? When you make the decision to make a change to find a goal you can unleash the force of that water to crash down with the power to live your life to the fullest, you have the energy you just lost your focus somewhere along the way. Today make a new goal!

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