Energy, October 2, 2018 Daily Reflection

“Circle Time” during the Speed Memorial Woman’s Faith Retreat

If one is perceptive and aware a presence can be felt in all places. Sometimes the presence is quiet and lagging. Other times there is an energy that is electric and uplifting. It’s difficult for most people to sense that presence because of our lack of awareness.

Last week after I finished directing a freshman retreat a sister entered the room and said, “I feel the energy that was in this room.” I was taken back by the statement. The students were gone and I was cleaning up the place. She said she could feel it. I of course was tired from the retreat and in a hurry to get to the next thing on my to do list.

I want to feel that presence. I want to slow down enough to sense it. Today, attempt to feel the energy that surrounds you and sit within it for a time.

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