Enjoy life, April 7, 2018 Daily Reflection

My Dad and my children

Enjoy who you are with while you are with them and put down your phone!
Enjoy the location you are in, look around and allow yourself to become a part of that place and put down your phone!
Enjoy the activity going on, a movie, dinner, talking, listening, walking, driving, laundry, writing, etc be a part of that present moment and put down your phone!
Our phones are great for communication but not for the person who is physically present. When others are there and activity is happening put down your phone and live that moment with those present.
Enjoy exactly who you are today. Consider all the circumstances that have brought you to this moment and reflect on who you are.
Enjoy your life, each element. The painful ones you can grow from later in life. Enjoy the mundane as well as the high points they make up our existence. Live in the present moment, be aware, and enjoy.

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