Enjoying Life, July 21, 2015 Daily Moment

Ethan prepping the go kart for his Dad to ride

Ethan prepping the go kart for his Dad to ride

My husband enjoys life. He runs races, sleds snow covered hills, skiis, bikes, and rides around on his son’s latest inventions. Aaron told Ethan not too long ago, “I will ride that go kart when you get it running like a scalded cat!” After I explained to Ethan that his dad wanted to ride it when it was running fast. Ethan tuned it up just for the occasion. Ethan’s go kart can go 27 mph. Aaron rode it and realized how fast Ethan was able to get it going. He had a great time, smiling, and laughing as he rode it.

As adults we have so many tasks, responsibilities, and obligations that many times we forget we are still allowed to enjoy life. God wants us to enjoy our time on earth. He wants us to smile, laugh, and have fun with our loved ones. We all do this differently. Some parents cuddle on the couch and watch chick flicks with their daughters, or Disney movies with their little ones. Others go on bike rides, play hide and seek, or play a board game with their children. My husband rides on his son’s latest and fastest creations. It won’t be long before Aaron will be riding on Ethan’s super fast riding lawn mower (which no longer has a blade but goes really fast).

Today, think of something fun you can do with your loved ones and enjoy life together!

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