Enjoyment, February 17, 2015 Daily Reflection

Snow ice cream 1

Making snow ice cream with my children

If you have ever visited my website before you know that I am all about my family. I have wanted to be a mom since I was 5 years old. I thank God daily for my four beautiful gifts from God and my husband! Everyone finds enjoyment in different ways. I have many ways that I experience joy in my life. One the best is with my family.

Yesterday we were all off of school and work for President’s Day. It was also a snow day!! On snow days we have lots of fun. My children played in the snow, shoveled the driveway, made snow ice cream and played a ping pong tournament. I was so happy that I won the tournament. My teenage son built a go kart this summer. It goes crazy fast. He got it out and did donuts in ┬áthe driveway. He finds enjoyment in his go kart and going fast, that worries me since he will be turning 16 and driving soon. I find enjoyment in my family.

Where do you find enjoyment in your life?

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