Etch it into your heart, January 18 Daily Reflection

Mother & Child

As a mom do we ever see completely past the vision above? Will there ever be a time that we look into our child’s eyes and not see that little baby smiling up at us with a sincerity that says “you are my world”? It changes often the responsibilities of a mom, the stages of youth into adulthood the roles that we must change and adapt to in this journey.

We want to etch those moments into not just our memories but our souls and our hearts for a lifetime, those moments when our hearts have been filled with the purest most innocent love offered to another person on this earth by the love of our children. We want to find that feeling and recapture it when our teen is shouting how we have ruined their lives and they hate us. We want to recall those feelings when our child is walking out the door to college. We want to savor the moments before they are just that another “moment” in time. Hold them close, rock them, study their faces, snuggle their little bodies and linger over them as they fall asleep be in that moment. Stop and listen when they want to talk put aside the things that will not matter when they are grown cherish the time we have in the here and now. Embrace the time whatever age they maybe 1 – 63 and look into their eyes and see that love you felt when they were just a tiny little being that recognized in that moment in time that YOU were their only world. Etch it into your heart and there let it live, linger and never be forgotten.

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