Ethan’s Newest Build, May 13, 2015 Daily Reflection

Ethan's Go Kart and Trailer

Ethan’s Go Kart and Trailer

My oldest son, Ethan, was born to be an inventor. He truly enjoys building things with engines. He built a go kart last year. He put the entire thing together on his own. He even bought a lawnmower engine for it. It goes ridiculously fast, it has been clocked at 29 mph.

Ethan also enjoys sharing the fun he has riding his go kart with others. However, his brothers are a bit small to handle that kind of power. One day I told him to go make something and he did. He built a trailer, with an old lawn chair, and of course he also made a cup holder just in case they want to bring a drink along for the ride. ┬áNow, he takes his brothers on rides. He doesn’t have to worry about them getting hurt because he has control. They LOVE the rides. Not only is he creative he is also a good big brother.

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