Everyone has issues, December 29, 2011 Daily Reflection

Loud crowd of people at a public Christmas Event

Everyone has their issues….EVERYONE. I think one of my issues is sensory overload. As a child I remember being taken to the parking lot of the amusement park when the fireworks went off. I remember covering my ears and crying when I heard balloons pop. I think as we grow older and mature we learn to cope with our issues. We tend to choose to be in situations, careers, relationships that don’t test our issues.

However, as a mom of four children under the age of 13 my issue of sensory overload is sometimes challenged. Of course it was challenged much more when I watched 6 additional children. Do we really cope or do we just avoid triggering our issues?  As a mom I have taught my children about how to keep quiet or play downstairs or outside when they want to be loud. Sometimes though it can be overwhelming and I just have to remove myself quietly and politely from the situation at hand.

What is your issue; procrastination, oversensitivity, painfully shy, sensory overload? Have you changed your life to avoid dealing with the issue or have do you just cope with it the best you can? Everyone has their issues…Everyone.

What matters most is that you figure out what your issue is, own it and then find a way to deal with it. When we learn to accept ourselves strengths as well as weaknesses, we can begin to grow…without growth is there truly living or just simply existing. Today, discover your issue, face it, deal with and then grow from it. Remember this won’t all happen in one day, one week or even one year. It took you this long to become the person you are today, accept that it will take you awhile to rediscover and accept yourself for who you truly are and how you can continue to grow.

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