Exceptional, January 2, 2013, Daily Reflection

Exceptional Gingerbread house

This is an extra ordinary gingerbread house. Someone took lots of time to make it. Someone intricately placed candies in just the right places. It is exceptional.

God took lots of time to make each one of us. God intricately placed our soul and personalities in the right places. God looked at us and said “You are exceptional.” When we look in the mirror we don’t always feel exceptional. We constantly fail, sin, fall and make mistakes. But God knows us so well that what He sees is not our faults but our goodness. God sees the most beautiful person when He looks at us.

Today, talk to God admit your failings, apologize for your sins and ask for His forgiveness. Then go out into the world and try to be the person He sees when He looks at you – Exceptional.

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