Expectations, June 13 Daily Reflection

Spencer happy as can be!

How many of us expect to go through life happy? As children we were asked “What do you want to be when you grow up? What will make you happy?” In that time the world was a blank sheet of paper waiting for us to write our story upon it. Then we grew and changed and eventually had to support others. The expectation of bliss in all things faded to what needs to be done, who needs to be helped and how do I pay those bills. Not exactly a picture filled with complete happiness.

Life happens and we have to live within it survive and hopefully thrive.

That doesn’t mean that happiness is no longer attainable. It just means we have to fight for it. We have to change our mindsets and not expect it to fall into our laps. If we wake each day waiting for our spouse to make us happy, our children to put forth effort and our bosses to pat us on the back then we will be sorely disappointed. These things don’t just happen daily. However if we make a conscious decision to wake up each morning grateful  that we were able to wake at all we will be more pleased with the start of each day. If instead of waiting for our spouse to show some sign of affection we initiate the affection it will more likely be returned. Contrary to women’s popular held belief “men cannot read our minds”. If we teach our children through our example how to make the effort to make others happy with kind words and gentle gestures they will do the same to others throughout their own lives. If we excel in our job and try our hardest we will not need the boss to pat us on the back. Instead we can be pleased with the knowledge that we have done a job well.

Happiness is fleeting it can be found but we must seek it out.

Today, make an effort to change your expectations and find your own happiness and enjoy it.


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