Experience of God, January 14, 2015 Daily Reflection

Experience of GodLast night I started my 4th course of my master’s degree program in religious education. The course is titled “Grace, Christ, and Spirit.” We study many different resources, the bible, books written by modern day theologians, text books, as well as watching the Loyola University videos created for this program. One of the many theologians in the video talked about something so central to our religion. He said that everything the Catholic Church does or has done in the past including, every doctrine, tradition, Mass, sacrament, etc. is all done in order to bring people into an experience with God. Meaning, if these things, writings, ideas, acts and traditions fails to bring us into an experience with God then the Church has failed.

I totally agree with this idea. I had a discussion with my fellow students about teaching the faith. I was not called to be a teacher in a school. I was called to bring people closer to God in all that I do. I am a teacher of the faith so that people can experience God. The prayers my students experience are more important to me than the content. If they never experience God then the content is pointless. The content is there to lead them closer to God.

My mission is to bring people closer to God, to experience God, and to be in a deeper relationship with God. That’s what it’s all about.

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