Experiences, June 19, 2017 Daily Reflection

Eat a Pita

Some people like things. I like experiences. I would rather go to a play, see a movie, take a bike ride, or go somewhere new, than receive a thing. I am not about material things. I enjoy experiences, time with my family and friends. There is nothing like a lunch or brunch with a good friend, and talking for hours! I adore the time I get to spend listening to my children every night before they go to bed. I treasure the dinners we get to spend as a family just talking about every day events. There is nothing like a Daddy Day of Fun, when I go with my husband and children on an adventourous day when we have no plans and have a great time. This weekend we went to a place we had never gone to before, Eat a Pita. We entered a cozy place that had family games, and greek music playing. We played UNO and ate food we had never eaten. It was a great new experience!

Today, try to be aware of the experiences in your life. Notice the daily experiences with family, and attempt to discover a new experience. Make it fun!

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