Failure, August 21, 2018 Daily Reflection


Most people fear failure. No one wants to fail and admit that they can’t do everything well. It hurts our self-esteem. Failing feels bad.

Successful people say that failure is the best teacher possible. If you don’t allow yourself to fail then you will never learn. If all you have is success then what will push you beyond where you are? Failure hurts but when examined we can learn from where we went wrong and do it different the next time. How often do we succeed and then explore what we can learn from the success?

Some of the most progressive companies push their employees to take huge risks and fail. It is proven that if you don’t fear failure you will be more creative, a better risk taker, and invent something completely new!

Allow yourself the ability to fail. Then give yourself the permission to reflect on why and how to move on and continue taking risks. I have been rejected over and over again for book proposals but I am not giving up on my goal to one day be a published author. I look at the rejections and have attempted to learn from them.

Stop beating yourself up for failures and learn from them. They can be the source of your greatest moments of growth.

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