The Failure List, September 5, 2014 Daily Reflection

FailureEach Friday morning as a teacher we have to turn in the “failure” list (it is an internal list only for the administration to see). It is the list of students who are failing our class. If the students are failing two classes they are not able to play sports or participate in any clubs or organizations with the school until their grade is above failing. It is a great motivator for the student who doesn’t care about school, but does care about sports or other clubs. “Failure” sounds harsh but the good thing about learning this information as the student is that you can improve and do better. You can learn from your mistakes, seek advice and new ways to study or to learn.

Take into account all the times we have been on a “failure” list. Those terrible failures have been stepping stones to change, growth, maturity and challenges for the future. Without failure it is difficult to fully grow. So, today think about your faults and failures and consider how you can get off the list and back into the game. We have all been there at one point or another. The most important thing to figure out is how can we learn from that experience.

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