Failure Teaches, October 4, 2018 Daily Reflection

The World

Perfection is unattainable, yet we keep reaching for it.
Failure is one of life’s best teachers, yet we avoid it.

Failure teaches us empathy, humility, and compassion.
Perfection makes us believe we are superior to others.

Fear of failure is natural, but failing is more natural. Not failing everything or often. However, failing and surviving the failure teaches endurance and hope.

Reaching perfection is not attainable, however, many believe they have already reached it. That place is high above others, and not empathetic.

I have been rejected at least 6 times formally by editors for book proposals. I have been rejected from jobs I wanted so bad that it hurt to receive the rejection. I have had losses and sorrow. I have learned the beauty of self-reflection, the compassion to love myself even when I fail, and the endurance to not give up. Failure teaches hope. Hope is what this world needs most.

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