Faith Formation Never Stops, August 24, 2017 Daily Reflection

All formation starts from a very young age. We are influenced throughout our entire existence. Those influences can be overt or covert. Many times the influence is a lack of any knowledge. When children are raised with no knowledge, exposure, or idea of God, it effects their beliefs and trust. If your parents or a loved one did believe and let you know about it you were formed in faith. At different ages we are capable of understanding different ideas. We are formed in a more simplistic level as a child and as we age and mature so does our faith development, if we are exposed to those who love and appreciate their faith.

I have been through many different stages of faith development. Each time I think, “I can’t be any more faithful than I am right now.” Then I become more faith filled due to an experience, scripture, or witnessing the faith of another person. Faith formation never stops as long as you are breathing God is communicating with you in various ways through different people and experiences. We should always be reaching for God, longing to get closer, constantly developing our faith.

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