Families who have fun together, January 6, 2015 Daily Reflection

My Boys at the Mega Cavern Quest

My Boys at the Mega Cavern Quest

How many families have fun together? How many families are able to eat dinner together at least once or twice a week? How many families know each other very well?

Our family loves to have fun together. We enjoy biking, running races, playing board games, going to parks, parties and the movies together. Before I started working we all had dinner together 7 days a week. Now, between work and sports practices if we have dinner 4 nights a week together we are lucky. When ever we have a chance we have fun together. Over the Christmas Break we spent the time together as a family and loved every moment of it.

I understand how crazy life is I have 4 kids, 3 of whom are in sports, a full time job as a teacher, I am a student in a Master’s Degree program, I write a daily blog, and a weekly column. I understand busy but any time I have available I am hanging out with my husband and my children. Make time for your family whenever possible. Our children will grow up and our spouses will grow away from us if we do not spend time together having fun. Make time in your life to enjoy your family it is the best investment anyone can ever make. The benefits are unbelievable!

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