Family, October 13, Daily Reflection

Country Road

Country Road

 Uneven and rocky the ground beneath you slips if you run upon it, gravel  roads.  Dust cloud residue left behind from the last car.  County roads the crackling under your shoes with each step taken.  Endless skies of untold colors and green as far as you can see.  No buildings but barns, silos and a few small farm houses.  Air without pollution no heavy smog or gray smoke clouds.  Just breathable fresh oxygen.  Open, your soul feels open and freed.When was the last time you went to the country?

 We had the pleasure of going to a relatives farm over the weekend for a pumpkin party with hay rides, bonfire, food and more importantly family and friends.  On a farm you don’t have to worry about the kids running in the street because it is a quarter mile down the driveway.  The kids had so much fun freely running and playing with their cousins.

The sounds of the children laughing, adults talking, babies crying, moms consoling. It is the sound of family.  How blessed are we to have family.  Family gatherings “You have grown a foot since I saw you last”.  “They grow too quickly, you can’t be serious high school already”.  “Marriage is great, still in the honeymoon stage.”  “Loved the chicken noodle soup.”  “One more treat mom pleasssse.”

We are all family even if not by blood.  We are all God’s children.  Each of us growing, aging maturing in our faith and lives.  We are all in some type of commitment to another person or dedication to a way of life.  We all desire the nurishment of good hearty food to feed the body and soul.  We all ask God for one more treat, without even knowing it.  We are all connected in these ways.

Next time you have the opportunity take it. Go to the country for that family reunion that is too far to drive in one day, it’s so worth the drive.  Feel that gravel slip beneath your feet.  Soak in the peace of the country.  Hug those nieces and nephews.  Sit and chat with your cousins, laugh with your uncles, get recipes from your aunts.  Share secrets with your sisters and give that special kiss to your grandma on her aging cheek.  Embrace the day, the experience, the history, the love that surrounds you.  Appreciate the God given blessings of belonging to a family.

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