Fathers & Husbands, May 27 Daily Reflection

My husband and my boys working together

Through the screen door I watched as my husband sawed a board for the patio project he is working on. Ethan with his hammer in hand stopped to watch as did Spencer and Jake.  My husband has such patience with his children he is able to explain to them what he is doing while he is working on a project. That is how they learn from him by watching and listening.

It is a precious sight for me to witness my soul mate teaching our children anything. As moms our attraction to our husbands changes over time, for some the attraction is all but gone, for many moms the actions that are attractive have more to do with kindness towards our children or a willingness to help around the house. My husband cleaned up all the dishes from dinner recently without me asking him to while I was writing. When I saw the kitchen cleaned I just wanted to kiss him. It shows consideration and selflessness when our husbands do simple things around the house when we don’t ask them to do it or if they simply offer to help.

We attend church every Sunday without fail. When we were first married he said “We will not miss Church except for illness” to which I agreed fully but to hear that it was such a priority made me love him even more. On Sunday at Church I often catch a glimpse of him praying and I fall in love with him all over again. It takes a strong man to pray, believe in God so fully and to set the example for his children.

When our husbands become the father of our children so many dynamics change in our marriages. Old ideas of marriage transform into survival mode then as our children age we have more time with each other but still have little time to complete a conversation without the children’s voices being heard. As time moves on our relationships will continue to change and transform that is part of life. As we age I feel sure other aspects of the man he is will surface and give me the opportunity to love him even more. For now I will hold sacred the sight of him teaching and loving our children.


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