Fear, June 7, 2018 Daily Reflection

Anything is Possible with God

We each have different fears. They are real in our minds, with horrible consequences. Sometimes the ideas and situations we have conjured up in our minds are much worse than what would realistically occur. The longer we allow these fears to ruminate there the more damning they become. If we face the fear, open it, explore it and dismantle it, it’s paralyzing power can be diminished. Because fear is such an emotional reaction it is difficult to break it down with logic and interrogate it.

Those fears are sometimes there from evolution to keep us safe but others have been developed to protect our tender hearts. What fears do you have right now? What is the consequence of this fear? Take your fear out of the veil of darkness and let it be seen in the light. Explore it, learn to understand it and you will be on the journey to conquering it.

God will be with you on the journey, every journey. If God is with you who can be against you? Bring God your fears and allow God to help you through it.


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