Feeding Stations, July 25 Daily Reflection

Feeding Station

This sweet nectar serves as a feeding station for the local humming birds. It is bright and colorful so they can find it from a distance. They take what they need and off they fly again.

What feeds us? What food do we need to give us the energy to continue to fly like the humming bird? We humans of the American culture are humming birds our actions and multitasking is so quick others can hardly see what we are doing at any one point in time. Where is the colorful, bright feeding station?

We each go to different feeding stations to give us energy. Some of us find that bright, frilly, trendy feeding station that only lasts a year or two appealing to those who love to keep up with the Jones’. Some of us search for the older feeding station that has been around for years, steady as a rock, unmoving and big enough for all of us to take in more energy.  Some of us just fly until we fall out of the sky and realize we need to eat somewhere and in a confused haze we stop for a bit anywhere and take what we can get.

The feeding station is not the grocery store, fast food chains or fancy restaurants. The feeding station is the place we go to fulfill our needs for sustenance in our lives to renew our energy. Many of us exercise to find that energy which is so good for our bodies, stress level and self esteem. Some of us go to books, school, philosophy and higher education to feed our intellect. Others go to people, communities that embrace them, love them and support them in their journey of this life. Some go to Church, Religion and their relationship with God to sustain them, feed them and nourish them.

So where should we go? All those options are good for our bodies, minds, hearts and souls. We should stop at each feeding station to feed each part of who we are daily. It seems impossible to have the time to do that. However without feeding each part something will fail within us.

Today, reflect on your life where you go to be fed and what part of you is no longer being fed. What do you need to change in your life to make you complete, energize you, inspire you and support you in your life in and flight? God is the first station to stop. Talk to him about your needs and He will guide you to the right stations in this life.

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