Fence in the goodness, August 22, 2011 Daily Reflection

The fence

Don’t we all wish that we could just capture a beautiful day and fence it in? Don’t we wish that we could take those cotton clouds, pale blue sky and those beautiful green trees and keep it in our sight each and every day? Why do we have to have the rainy, stormy days? Wouldn’t it be better if they were all butterflies and rainbows?

Why must we have the valleys when all we really want are the mountaintop experiences?

If we never experienced sadness, tragedy and loss how would we recognize happiness, miracles and goodness? It’s all a balance the ups and the downs.  I tell my children constantly all in moderation. You cannot have too much of anything, no extreme is good. We must try to maintain a balance in our lives. No matter how much we try our lives will not stay completely happy or completely miserable. So take the good with the bad. Find the good in the bad. Save this picture, your happy place, for a time when suffering is inevitable. Remember there will be good after the bad and hang on.

God gave us free will so life will happen to us. But God also gave us faith to hang on to Him when it does. Hang on to your faith at all times. God will not let go, He may not change things the way we think they should happen but He will never leave you.

We cannot fence in the goodness anymore than we can lock out all the sorrow. Experience both knowing full well God is by your side through it all.

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