Fill Me Up, October 8, 2013 Daily Reflection

Filled with the Spirit

Filled with the Spirit

“Fill me up with the Holy Spirit. Fill me up to the top of my soul. Fill me up with the Holy Spirit. Fill me up and take control.” – Fill Me Up

In this life so many different things try to fill our souls; material possessions, money, things, obsessions. All of them leave us with that same feeling; at first we are excited and happy, maybe even content for awhile but then the feeling leaves us open and empty…wanting and longing for something more. We wonder what is wrong with us. What will ever fill that void? What will make us happy or content?

Nothing will fill you up like the Holy Spirit. Nothing will ever give your life as much meaning or purpose as when you live it for God.  The sooner you learn to live your life for God and not for yourself, the sooner you will know true happiness and goodness all the days of your life.

Search out your purpose, go deeper into your relationship with God, empty your soul and open yourself to God’s will. Be filled with the Holy Spirit and you will know true goodness, happiness and life.


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