Find the silence, February 3 Daily Reflection

When exactly did our lives become a rat race? Age 12 with sports or 18 with work or 23 with marriage or 25 with kids or is it all just a state of mind no matter what your age? Can we escape it with the silence of meditation?  

Finding the silence

 It’s not really an escape that I am searching for but more of a sense of calm, stillness and peace. So that I can guide my reactions and frustrations within my  everyday life. In the moment of frustration when I have asked my children to do something for the 4th time and I still see no results, yelling will not help them or my well being, it only escalates the issue at hand. If instead I could find a calm deep within gather my children and talk with them rationally about what happened, where the communication, failed then there would be productive results.

Many moms in the heat of the moment, overwhelmed by work, making dinner, doing laundry,  homework, answering texts, emails and the phone are so over stimulated that it only takes one more thing to make them lose it completely. It just takes one small act to make the entire deck of cards come crashing down.

It’s all about the balance! We hear that word balance, we understand intellectually that we need it but we don’t have time for the balance. Yet, my friends if we don’t take the time to find the balance we will develop health issues, mental issues and relationship problems. We must take the time as moms to care for “us” so that we may care better for our children. I am constantly seeking that balance and daily failing once again. Writing helps my balance, reading books about relaxation, being present in the moment, taking Yoga from an instructor and trying to meditate daily aids me in what I seek. 

I have found when I take that time for me it is more attainable to calm down, to be rational and to find that peace. When I ignore my need to be in the silence I am more uptight and on edge. We are human we will fail over and over again but what keeps us going is the motivation and the intention to continue to seek the balance. I urge each of you to try to find what will give you that balance. Is it in the silence of meditation when you can listen to your soul and simply be?

 In a culture and land of doers it seems unproductive and a waste of time but in the scheme of our lives that may span 80 years it may be one of the most important practices to bring true meaning to our lives. When was the last time you just sat in the silence? Find the time, find the silence and find the balance.

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