Find Your Happy Place, May 25 Daily Reflection

Jake having fun!

Do you see that look on his face? How his eyes are wide open, his mouth spread into a smile, his cheeks puffed out in a laugh? He is happy. It is not contrived, posed or fake, it is fun, pure, innocent fun. When was the last time you looked like this?

Our lives as adults are filled with responsibilities and endless tasks. We are pulled in 15 directions all in the same moment. That is why many of us would argue we do not have the time to replicate this photo in our own lives. However, that is the exact reason we need fun in our lives. We cannot live life in a constant grind; get up work, eat, pick up kids, go to practices, meetings, do homework, cook dinner, baths, T.V., bed and do it all over again. Many of us, adults especially parents, have dug our lives into a boring and predictable rut!

What we need to do is shatter our mindless living by living instead of simply existing. We need to find a way to look like Jake does in that picture. I know what you are thinking. There is not enough time in the day to add one more thing, because if I do that I will surely bust. If you choose not to add this one little element, fun, happiness and laughter you will shatter one day and it will not be for the better.

Today brainstorm what you like to do. What makes you smile? What makes you laugh? What relaxes you? What calms you? What brings you pure happiness?

Some of us would love to have the time to snuggle down in a soft chair with a good book for just 30 minutes and get lost in a story. Others of us would love to go on a bike ride with our family and just be outside in the open air. Some of us would just like to have an undisturbed bubble bath. Others of us would like to go for a run and sweat out all the stress and clear our minds. Some of us would just like to go on a slow stroll through the park. Others would love to have a good tickle fight on the floor with our kids.

These things may seem out of our reach but that is because of the way we think of them. Do you make all of the other tasks priorities in your life? We need to realize relaxation and fun should be a priority. Laughter should rank high on your list. Happiness should be a goal for your soul. We can do these things. YES WE CAN! We just need to plan them out. Plan a way to work 30 minutes into your schedule each day time for fun. Turn off the TV and read a book. Take turns making dinner and when your spouse is doing it go for a run instead of running around the house. Wake up earlier in the morning and take a long bubble bath before the kids wake up. On the weekend compromise use some of your time on chores/sports and set aside the time for a walk in the park , a family bike ride or an outing.

Today change your life. Take charge of your happiness. Stop simply existing and start living. Make your goal achieving that same joy that you see on Jake’s face!

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