I Am Finished! February 1, 2018 Daily Reflection

Final Grade

Four long and strenuous years later I am FINISHED!!! I have taken 12 courses, written at least 20 papers ranging from 10-40 pages each. Thirty six hours took four years, not because I was slow that is how the program is set up. It wasn’t an online class. I met with a cohort of 4 other adults who earned the same degree. We worked diligently and learned so much! The final capstone paper has been graded and there is a weight that was just lifted from my existence. I am filled with joy! I gained insights that I never thought possible. It was a struggle to earn a Master’s Degree while teaching for the first time in my first full time job in 14 years. It was a worthy challenge. I can’t believe it is complete. However, in May when I walk across that stage in New Orleans I will know that it is real!!
Thanks, for all of your support and encouragement over the years. I feel that so many of you prayed me to this finish line. THANKS!!!

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