The Flame, October 11, 2017 Daily Reflection


Darkness cannot overcome the light. A single flame can light up the darkest room but the darkness cannot put out the illumination of the flame. So, we as the light of Christ in the world today can light up the darkness of our world, one flame at a time.

We need to ignite the flame and let it flicker for all to see. We don’t need to shove it into other’s faces. We need only to let it shine, to give it oxygen to grow. Jesus said for us to go out to the nations, baptize and tell the good news. Jesus didn’t say just teach your family and keep your faith life private. Jesus said go out to the nations. His example was one of compassion, love, and invitation, never force, ill will, or degradation. God created in each of us a soul that drives our desire to know love and serve God and others. When our desire for God’s love grows stronger it becomes more difficult to put out that flame, that light of Christ.

Today, feed that love of Christ with oxygen, good deeds, kind thoughts, and affirmations of others. Allow others to witness the light of Christ in you and you will bring them closer to God. Bringing people to God cannot be accomplished by force or threats, love can only be led by love. Lead always with love.


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