Fold your hands and pray, July 5 Daily Reflection

Praying Hands

Fold your hands and pray.

 Pray together with another person, your child, your spouse, your elderly grandparent, your friend, your coworker or a person in Church next to you.

Fold your hands and pray.

The gesture is small but very significant. When we fold our hands to pray our mind understands it is time to center our thoughts on God, to request intervention, to petition for our needs, to ask for our wants, to beg for consolation, to give thanks and praise and to start talking to God like you are talking to a friend.

Pray in silence in a church. Pray in uplifted song in your car with the volume up. Pray while walking and taking in God’s beautiful design of His nature. Pray beside your child’s bed each night holding his hands. Pray with your daughter when she skins her knee. Pray before lunch or dinner. Pray at Burger King or Subway. Pray in a quiet empty room. Pray in a crowded place when you are overwhelmed. Pray out loud. Pray silently in your mind.

Pray, simply reconnect with God through your thoughts and words. Pray so that you may know God more deeply and understand your purpose in this life. Pray for it will bring you closer to God and goodness.

Today simply fold your hands and pray.


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