Foundation, February 1, 2013 Daily Reflection

Playing Jenga

The foundation is still there but the tower is starting to wobble. The balance is shifting and the blocks are leaning ever so slightly.

We played the game Jenga the other night. It is such a fun game. You have to check for a loose block and gently move it to the top. Your hands have to be steady and you need to use a strategy of some sort to build the blocks higher.  Then you wait your turn while someone else tries to move a block to the top.

Jenga is much like life. It is a balancing act, trying to choose the correct block and decide when and where to move it so the entire structure doesn’t collapse. We are constantly making choices in our lives, many choices we make unaware we are making them at all. The big choices we gently push on before we make our move. If we want to change jobs, move to another town or have a family. The little choices we make daily like what to eat for lunch and whether or not we will exercise seem much less important. However, those small choices build our foundation. We need a solid foundation to build our lives upon.

My foundation is built upon my faith. My dad told me years ago “Lori, I don’t care what religion you are as long as you have God in your life. Your faith in God will be your anchor no matter what happens in your life.” My dad knows to this day how very important a solid foundation is in this ever shifting world. When our lives begin to lean too far one way our foundation or faith can bring us back to the center again.

In this constantly shifting world what or who is your foundation?

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