Four Teenagers, February 23, 2018 Daily Reflection

My 4 teens

It’s official today I have 4 teenagers! My youngest son, Jake, turned 13 today. Their ages are now 13, 14, 16, and 18, all their birthdays are coming and they will all be in the odd numbers. Parents say that the teenage years are horrible. I have only had one bad year of teen age years with mine. It was a difficult time but we made it through and he is a fine young man. Everyone has to go through growing pains. I feel unbelievably blessed by my offspring, they are kind, hard working, polite, honest, moral, faith filled, and loving! I thank God daily for each one of them.

I can’t believe 13 years ago today my last child breathed his first breath. Happy Birthday Jake our family, your friends, and this world is better for knowing you. You are a blessing and a joy.

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