Freedom, August 27, 2012 Daily Reflection

Sweet Freedom

A picture of complete freedom; little Ryan is only 3 at this age your entire existence should revolve around love from your family and playing constantly. He does not have a care in the world. He has no responsibility weighing down his precious giggles. He has no concept of money, jobs, education or how he will provide for a family. He has a limited idea of time. To him the day is waking up and loving his parents, playing all day and bedtime when he snuggles his blanky and his mommy. This is such freedom to truly live without a care, a fear or a worry in his life. This must be what it means to be as carefree as a child.

We are adults; we have grown past this stage and freedom of life. Now we have the responsibility to care for not only ourselves but our families as well. We have been educated, earned careers and now provide for others. Many of us wake up with worry; we work all day then return home to more responsibilities and drop into bed exhausted. Where did that freedom go? What happened to the blanky, playtime and loving parents?

We as adults can find some of this freedom once more. It is not as easy to find it now but it can be found. We have to find time to love our families, at night, in the morning or on the weekends. Replace the TV time with family time. We need to find a hobby so we can play again. A hobby that gives us the feeling of freedom; running, biking, reading a good book that takes us out of our own reality, hiking, swimming, getting outdoors in the fresh air and just feeling nature. As adults it takes much more effort than it does for Ryan to have that feeling of freedom. However, if we prioritize we can feel a portion of it in our everyday lives.




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