Freedom, February 17, 2016 Daily Reflection

Choices2What is freedom?  Freedom is the power, rooted in reason and will to act or not to act, to do this or that, and so to perform deliberate actions on one’s own responsibility. What we refer to as free will. We are blessed in our country to have an abundance of freedom, from our religion to what we do as a career choice and everything in between. We usually do not appreciate all that freedom until we are restricted in some way.

We humans love our freedom because we are free to choose. God gave us this freedom. God loves us regardless of what choice we make. Although, God’s hope for humanity is that in all cases we choose to love. God wants us to have “true freedom” which  liberates us to develop our God given talents in a responsible way so we can live our lives for others and for our loving God.

How do we use our freedom daily? Do we use our free will by loving others, all others. Do we use our free will by shunning others, gossiping, and ignoring the needs of others? Do we use our free will by choosing habits that are not healthy and addictive or do we use our free will by choosing a healthy diet, exercise, and healthy virtues?

Think about how you have exercised your free will today. Did you use it for the good of others or just yourself? Did you use true freedom and love others? What will you choose to do with your free will for the rest of the day? The choice is yours, God gave it to you.

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