Freedom and Protection, November 9, 2017 Daily Reflection

While in New York we wanted to see the Statue of Liberty but we didn’t want to pay a fortune. So, we took a free ride on the Stanton Island Ferry. It goes right by the statue. As we made our way on the water I noticed a boat speeding towards us. It was a New York City Coast Guard boat. On the front end was a mounted machine gun and coast guard personnel in full uniform armed and ready to protect us. The coast guard rode right along side the ferry. At first it was alarming, I thought is there someone on board they are coming for, then I thought it is just a precautionary measure to keep us safe and I felt well protected.

It was only last week that a terrorist killed 8 people in Lower Manhattan. Many of my friends and family members asked if I was worried about attending the NYC marathon with my husband. My response was that the security would be heightened due to the recent attack. Also, most importantly if we do not attend then terrorists win. We cannot cower to people who kill. We cannot stop living our lives and enjoying the freedom of being Americans because of there acts of violence. That’s what they want us to do, to live in fear. I will not stop living my life to the fullest because of terrorism. I will not support their senseless violence and intention to intimidate others.
I will pray for the souls of those who perished and pray for those who are so wrapped up in the violence and hate of terrorism for a conversion of their hearts and souls. My time in NYC has felt safe and protected by the many police officers, coast guard, and even police on horses, thank you for your service! I am proud to be an American and to enjoy my freedom!

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