FROG, May 18, 2015 Daily Reflection

My Frog from Dakari

My Frog from Dakari

F- fully, R – rely, O – on, G – God

I wonder if Dakarai knew about this abbreviation when he bought this stuffed animal for me. I have only received a few things from my students over the past 2 years. A few cards and one letter that I will treasure for a lifetime! A little lego trophy from a student who said I was his #1 teacher, a small tree,  and this frog.

I was told as a teacher I am not allowed to have a favorite student. Well, I do, I am only human and I love this student. I truly love every student I have (it’s crazy but I sincerely do). I actually have lots of favorites that I will never forget. Dakarai is at the top of my list. Maybe because I could not pronounce his name my first day ever of teaching. Maybe because of his great energy in life, funny stories, or silly antics. Perhaps because he is so raw with his emotions, he says what he believes, and he feels all emotions with an intensity that is captivating. He was not the best student academically, he did not turn in all of his assignments, get straight A’s, or not get in trouble. On the contrary he was in trouble often. However, he is one of my all time favorites because when I look at him I can clearly see God in his eyes.

He gave me this frog and a card the last day of school. I taught him for two years and I will miss having him in my classroom. Teaching will not be the same without him. I will keep my frog on my desk to remind me to have fun in class, and to always be open to where each student is in their faith life.

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