Taking the Reigns, April 17, 2018 Daily Reflection

My youngest and his best friends from school

Last night I attended a parent meeting for my son’s class to fund raise for his 8th grade trip. It was the first meeting I have been able to attend at St. Bernard in quite some time. The last 4 years were consumed by earning my Master’s Degree and working full time. It felt good to be back in the building like a mom again. You see prior to working full time I stayed at home for 14 years. I worked part time, wrote, led retreats, and babysat. I also led a service learning program for the school for 9 years. I volunteered 15 hours/week at the school. I was involved in my children’s service learning. I LOVED that time in my life. Last night I watched other moms step up and choose to lead. Now, that I am working full time and earning my Spiritual Direction Certification I still don’t have time to volunteer. I believe those 9 years were a very special time that I will hold dear to my heart. I am in a new chapter of life. It is fruitful and life giving as well in different ways. I am appreciative to those who are taking the reigns for St. Bernard.

There are different chapters in our lives. I have turned the page to a new one but the past will always be held dear.

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