Fully Present, May 9 Daily Reflection

Homework another mundane chore

How does one do it? How does one live in the moment? Not in the past with all its baggage. Not in the future with all our worries. But right there in that present moment, for that split second for those precious moments we will never recapture? How does one do it?

If we focus our mind to the present we can be there, we can feel the emotion, inhale the moment and truly be present.

How often in your life have you been truly present in a moment?

When in pain I am completely present because my entire body hurts and I cannot seem to overcome it. During drug free childbirth I was in the moment praying for the moment to pass. It seems that when we are faced with pain and adversity it is difficult to escape the moment.

When I have experienced highs in my life like holding that baby, saying my vows to my husband, getting that job I was praying for, watching that sunset over the ocean I seem to be able to stay right there in that moment. The exceptional times in our lives we are fully present.

It seems that every day life not the lows or the highs but the ordinary in between times that make up our lives are the times when being present seems the most difficult. Who really wants to be present when they are making dinner, doing homework, taking out the trash, grocery shopping, cleaning or getting ready for work? We would just like to skip right passed the boring and mundane parts of life and stay in the highs. However, life doesn’t work that way. Without the boring we would not recognize the excellent. Without the lows we would not find the strength to grow. We need it all to help us to grow and appreciate all that this life has to offer.

Today, try to stay in the moment when you do your work think about the work you are doing. When you help your child with their homework think about how you are helping your child to grow. When you do your chores think about how you are physically able to do them. Stay in the moment and thank God you still have moments to stay within.


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