Fun Times, August 16, 2018 Daily Reflection

Office Wall at Sacred Heart

Yesterday I had an awesome time talking about the retreat program to every student at Sacred Heart Academy. The grade levels were divided into three groups each. By the time I was finished I had talked 12 different times for 15 minutes each time over the course of 3 hours. One would think it would be exhausting, but I LOVED it!!! I had so much fun being a goof ball and telling them all about the retreats and the Hearts for the Holy Spirit. I know they thought I was half crazy and they were likely laughing at me, but not in a mean girl way, just in a ‘that lady is a goof ball’ way. I had so much fun. The girls of Sacred Heart are awesome and I can’t wait to lead them in meditations and prayer. I look forward to watching the Hearts for the Holy Spirit (retreat leaders) grow in their faith and leadership skills. The Hearts for the Holy Spirit are AMAZING young ladies. I am so blessed to be exactly where I am having FUN TIMES!

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