Game Night With Spencer, January 30 Saturday Tidbit

Kid's Games

Last night was the night: Game Night for Spencer & Mommy, nobody else! For 90 minutes Spencer had me all to himself no one else was allowed in the room to play or talk with us. Spencer has a calendar and he was counting down the days. When you are a middle child of 4 kids you have to make a date to be alone with your mom for more than your 15 minutes at night saying prayers together. So that’s just what he did. No phone, texting, computer, TV, siblings, husband or any interruptions and I absolutely loved it! As a mom I was able to live in the moment playing the trick cards in Uno, matching the lions in the memory game, losing at the Thomas game, we had a great time together.

Time management is something no one tells you about before becoming a mom of 4 and being involved in all aspects of life, church, school, volunteering, sports etc. It can be overwhelming! My son, Spencer scheduled a date for fun for the two of us and I am going to do it with the other children as well. I loved it! I planned it so I would have nothing pressing to do only have fun with my boy Spencer. It sounds silly to have to plan a game night with your childĀ but it’s worth it, try it you will have a ball putting down that reverse card and saying UNO!

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