Generations, November 10 Daily Reflection

Jake holding Grandpa's hands

Jake holding Grandpa's hands

 How significant, the difference in the size and age of their hands. Grandpa’s have been around for 64 years and Jake’s only 4. Jake is the last grandchild, he and Grandpa have a very special relationship, he does with each of his 7 grandchildren none better than any other but each very different from the next. Grandpa knows Jake is the end of the line of the youth until the next generation begins in about 15 years or so.

So different and yet so unbelievably similar the blood that runs through each of them is the same blood.  It started generations before the two of them and will continue generations beyond ours.  We are just a tiny grain of sand in the beaches of this existence.  Yet as insignificant as we feel when we realize that, we also know without each one of us something would be missing from the beach and it would not be complete.  As such each of us is here for a reason.  God placed each of us where He did to continue the cycle of life.  From a father comes a son and from the son comes a grandson and so on and so forth. Each one of us comes from someone and hopefully will pass on another person or intricate piece of life to add to the cycle.

It is all one big circle. ” The Alpha and the Omega” the beginning and the end, with no beginning and no ending.  That is what I tell my children every time they ask me “Mom, then who created God?”  That is the big mystery.  Will we ask God that when we meet him?  Will we ask how we fit into the history of existence in this world?  Will we find that purpose before we leave this life and head to the next?  Or we will we just embrace our place and do the best we can to make it better, to add during our generation to God’s most amazing creation; humanity?

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