Get Lost in a Movie, November 25, 2016 Daily Tidbit Copyright 2016 Copyright 2016

Movies are a great way to chill out and forget the day. I have a great friend who loves to watch movies to escape the pressures and stress of life. It’s such a great feeling to get lost in someone else’s character in a movie for a few hours. Imagining another life, with perfect hair, the perfect body, the perfect man, the perfect everything in another country, facing amazing odds and challenges. You get to live a different exotic life for a bit and the best part is when it’s over you get to come back home to your comfy house and your own awesome life. I do the same thing with the books I listen to on my podcasts. I just finished Pride and Prejudice and felt like I was Lizzy standing in front of Mr. Darcy. Next time you need an escape watch a movie and let yourself go on a journey.

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