Get on board, February 7, 2014 Daily Reflection

The train

The train

They ran and quickly formed a line holding onto the person’s boots directly in front of them. The person in the front was trying to get the attention of those behind him above the laughing and giggling children and teens. They were able to make a straight line and then they were off down the hill. Some stayed attached others with their arms and hands flailing in the air, ┬álaughter and high pitched squeals could be heard through out the park.

How often do we jump on the train, grasp on to the person in front of us and trust that we will have fun? When was the last time we jumped on board with laughter to just enjoy the ride?

God created each of us for a purpose; to be in relationship with God, others, ourselves and nature. God also wants us to enjoy living, with laughter and innocent fun. When was the last time you did that? Think about hopping on that train and having fun today.

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