Give them the canvas, March 11 Daily Reflection

The hand of a child

In the grasped hand of a child is a poised crayon ready to draw the world, ripe with potential, dreams and unstoppable imagination. Let that hand draw and push the limits of imagination. Let them tell outlandish stories against all odds. Let them dream big and play hard.

Give them the canvas, the paint and the time. Take away from them the sedentary video games, computer time and TV time that stunts their growth. Instead replace it with the backyard, dirt, rocks, sticks and playgrounds. Give them your time read a classic to them. Make up stories together. Give them a canvas so they may grow their ideas and dreams so that they no longer can fit on the page. Let them color outside the lines and make new colors. Set them free from the boxes of everyday life for only once in their lives will they hold the crayon of a child’s imagination.

Only once in life will they push the limits and reveal their true potential. In their future you may see glimpses of what could have been. Deny it to them now and it will be stored away forever, neglected, outgrown and abandoned. Let them be children now.

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