Giving to my students, August 30, 2017 Daily Reflection

Past Students

Each teacher has a different goal for his/her classroom. Some teachers are all about the knowledge they can impart. Others are trying to help their students grow and develop intellectually. Some want to teach the students to learn to think in a new way. Others just want to get them through to the next grade level. All teachers have been called to teach. It is a vocation. It is a challenging, stressful, underpaid, overworked job. It can also be some of the most rewarding work ever.

I want to give my students a way to experience God. I want to give them tools to reach God from exactly where they are right now in their own world today. I want to give them the skills; speaking, questioning, listening, and empathizing, so they can relate to God better. I want to give them the desire to want to know God better, to fall in love with Jesus Christ and to allow the Holy Spirit to move their lives in the direction of God’s purpose. I want to give my love for God to the students so they understand love and give it to one another. I try to do this each day through laughter, prayer, group projects, meditation, and kindness. My goal for my students is a spiritual understanding and growth within their relationship with self God and one another.


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