Go Back, September 24, 2012 Daily Reflection

Pure childhood fun – playing in the leaves

How does one return to the innocence, purity and simplicity of childhood? Not the childhood filled with sports practice and piano practice. The childhood bursting with times of playing pretend, of jumping in the leaves, of riding bikes and scooters and playing hide and seek in the backyard.

Step outside and take in a deep breath. Find a shade tree at a park, sit beneath it and let your mind wander back to those times. Listen to the nature that surrounds you in that place. I know you probably don’t have the time in your hectic life to go to a park and sit beneath a tree. If you cannot make it there, just close your eyes and try to remember your favorite childhood game, song or toy. Let your memory take you there. Take a moment to remember what made you happy as a child. What made you giggle and laugh uncontrollably?

We have aged and matured but we still have the memories. Cherish those memories and let them lead you back to a heart of innocence and simple thoughts. Our lives may be complicated but our hearts are still pure and simple.


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